Eye Contour Cream

Eye Contour Cream


Eye cream in an O/W emulsion, lipid content: approx. 29%
Eye Contour Cream is the mild pre-age eye care that counteracts the first signs of wrinkles. It supports the skin functions of the delicate eye area and preserves their suppleness.

Size:100 ml

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Eye Contour Cream is the preventive skin care product to use when laugh lines and tiny wrinkles in the eye area begin to appear. This pre-age skin care for the eye area supports skin functions and alleviates irritation. It deeply hydrates the eye area while Vitamin A preserves cell division and Vitamin E helps protect against free radicals. Beneficial Almond Oil and stabilizing Squalane provide additional nourishment. For magnificently youthful radiance.

Category: Face
Product category: Eye care
Skin care need: Moisture, Tonicity & Elasticity, Dark circles & swellings


Gently pat eye care into the skin of the eye area in the morning and evening. The eye area needs to be treated with particular care, because it is more sensitive than other areas of the face. Using excessforce may cause wrinkles to develop.

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100 ml