Herbal Cleansing Gel

Herbal Cleansing Gel


Cleansing gel, lipid content: none
Herbal Cleansing Gel cleanses and clarifies blemish-prone skin, reduces inflammation and ensures a balanced complexion.

Size:100 ml

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Product Information

Herbal Cleansing Gel is a clarifying cleanser for blemish-prone skin. The highly effective herbal complex allows the skin to recover more quickly from inflammation, papules and pustules. It reduces excess sebum production and combats oily shine. This cleanser promotes a generally balanced complexion and is equally well suited for teenage acne, pregnancy and adult acne.


Category: Face
Product category: Cleansing
Skin care need: Anti pimple, Mattifying, Regulating


Use Dr. Spiller Eye Make-up Remover to remove eye make-up, if needed. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Herbal Cleansing Gel to face, neck and décolleté, emulsify with moistened fingertips and then remove using lukewarm water. Finish by toning the skin with cotton pads soaked with Moisturizing Toner with Herbal Extracts.

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100 ml