Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam

Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam


Cleansing Foam
Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam deeply cleanses, clarifies and hydrates the skin with marine ingredients.

Size:150 ml

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Product Information

Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam stands for a deep cleansing experience for demanding, moisture-deficient skin. It removes metabolic wastes, grime, dust and other residue that collects on the skin. Every day, this velvety-soft cleansing foam plunges the skin into a sea of invigorating active ingredients. Sea algae and sea salt concentrate have a deeply hydrating effect for a refreshing cleansing experience.


Category: Face
Product category: Cleansing
Skin care need: Anti-aging, Moisture, Detoxifying


Use Dr. Spiller Eye Make-up Remover to remove eye make-up, if needed. Pat Hydro-Marin® Cleansing Foam (3–4 pumps) onto face, neck and décolleté, emulsify with moistened fingertips and then remove using lukewarm water. Finish by toning the skin with cotton pads soaked with Hydro-Marin® Freshener.

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150 ml