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skin resurfacing


Skin Resurfacing and treatments

Kalon Skin Lab offers some of the best body treatments in the industry. If you are looking for a weight loss treatment, then ultrasonic cavitation is a great choice for you. You can choose to do this treatment by itself or have it done with the addition of lipo laser or radiofrequency. If you are looking to do a butt lift, we have two options for you, radiofrequency and LVT treatments which can help you lose weight as well. We offer only non-surgical and safe treatments for your peace of mind. Radiofrequency treatment for the face is a great choice if you are looking to tighten the skin. Any of these treatments will transform you and your body, creating the best version of you. If you have questions about any treatments feel free to call and inquire. Our professionally trained Beauty Consultant will be more than happy to help!

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