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Need expert advice?

Get personalized skin coaching from a medical esthetician with a six-step consultation to help you learn about your unique skin type.

Virtual skincare consultations with Katie Marshall is a wonderful opportunity to meet with a leader in the skincare and medical aesthetics industry and address your skincare concerns and goals.  Right from the comfort of your own home, you can spend 60 minutes asking every question you have ever had about your skin issues as well as combating the signs of aging.


  • Inflammation
  • Microbiome disturbances
  • Oxidative damage
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  1. Hormonal imbalances

STEP 1: Tell me your top skin concerns and skin health goals.
We will begin by going over your digital consultation form in our discussion of your specific goals & concerns. An unbiased, ingredient based assessment of the products you are currently using to help you determine if they are correct for your skin type and condition, and that you are using them correctly. The responses you give to a series of extensive questions will provide insight into individual skin types, needs, and deficiencies.

STEP 2: Now let’s talk about what I see in your skin.
The diagnosis of your skin type will be guided by what I learn from your skin concerns and what I can see through a series of pictures sent ahead of time and during our virtual consultation using Skype™, FaceTime®.

STEP 3: How do you feed your skin?
Your medical esthetician will provide you with nutritional advice as related to your skin health goals.

STEP 4: Let’s talk about what you’re currently using.
Make sure to have your current skincare products ready for your video appointment. I will be 100% unbiased by evaluating your current skincare regime. My goal is to make sure you’re doing everything possible to deliver the best results.

STEP 5: What do you really know about sunscreen?
Let’s face it, sunscreen is the #1 best age management product therefore it must be worn every day. We will discuss sunscreen and answers to frequently asked questions about daily SPF.

STEP 6: Your Personalized Prescription/Skincare Routine
Of course! As your medical esthetician, I will determine your skin type and provide a customized treatment plan addressing your skin issues, concerns, and goals. I will also provide product suggestions from the incredible MBK Clinical Skincare Solutions and Environ Skincare to expose the healthy, glowing, beautiful skin you desire.

STEP 7: Your new skincare products delivered to your door
I ship your personalized products straight to your door without trips to the doctor’s office or pharmacy.